Whether legal or financial, easily search M&A advisors by the deals they’ve done

We’ve recently made an update to our M&A Advisor search interface that makes identifying advisors by their historical deal activity super simple. This is particularly useful if your interest isn’t so much who the advisor is or where it’s located, but the actual work they’ve done.

Here’s the new advisor search component that makes this possible.


When linking advisors to a transaction, we tag which side the advisor represented. So as shown above, in addition to looking up advisors that have worked on deals, you can choose whether you prefer advisors that represented the acquirer or the seller.

Beyond which side of transaction might interest you, you can easily isolate advisors that have worked on transactions in certain sectors, geos, or sizes.

In the example above, the result set will list all legal and financial advisors that represented the acquirer of $1B+ transactions in the chemicals sector.

If you have any feedback or questions – don’t hesitate to let us know.