The Best Private Equity Newsletters

When it comes to private equity email newsletters, might as well cut to the chase and let you know that there are really only 4 daily newsletters focused on PE worth subscribing to.

In no particular order they are,

They’re each structured somewhat similarly – first some context/analysis, followed by a rundown of notable acquisitions, exits, vc raises, fundraises, and personnel moves – and if you’re looking to stay on top of industry news – they all provide a great summary of recent events.

Here’s a quick overview of each.

PE Hub Wire

PE Hub Wire, originally formed by Dan Primack in conjunction with the PE Hub blog – currently has 60K subscribers and pioneered the newsletter format followed by Term Sheet, Pitchbook, and Pro Rata. While it’s not as popular as it once was and has gone through a series of editors, given the resources of Reuters behind it, it still produces a quality summary of recent activity.

Pitchbook News

Pitchbook, the PE/VC/M&A db currently offers several newsletter subscription options. Unlike Pro Rata, Term Sheet, and PE HUB Wire, which all expand beyond PE to include coverage of VC news, with Pitchbook, you can subscribe to PE news, VC news, or a combo of both. Pitchbook provides less commentary/opinion then the other newsletters and generally focuses on analysis and context when summarizing the day’s events.

Term Sheet by Fortune

After Dan Primack left PE HUB/Reuters – his next stop was Fortune and the creation of Term Sheet. Term Sheet follows the PE HUB Wire format pretty closely however given its home within Fortune – it does layer in more general business news. Now that Dan has left Fortune for Axios (see below), Term Sheet is helmed by Erin Griffith (also formerly of PE Hub).

Pro Rata by Axios

The most recent of the bunch is Pro Rata by Axios. Pro Rata is new as of January 2017 and is the latest project for Dan Primack. Given Dan’s industry reach and knowledge – Pro Rata promises to focus more on insight and perspective versus a rundown of recent exits, financings, filings, etc. – although its first edition carried a lot of both. Given its association with Axios – the new digital media company formed by Mike Allen (ex-Politico), the direction of Pro Rata will certainly be interesting to watch.

To subscribe to any of the newsletters – simply select any of the links above.