The 2 Best Podcasts Focused on M&A and Private Equity

If you’re into podcasts and follow the venture/start-up community – as you know, there’s a number of useful shows. Whether you’re interested in funded tech and news (This Week in Startups), VC interviews (The Twenty Minute VC), or  bootstrapping Saas strategies (Startups for the Rest of Us), there’s no shortage of listening options regardless of your specific interests.

However, when it comes to the late/mature stage of the alternative investment world, the number of quality podcasts falls off quickly.

Hard to know why podcasters lack the same interest in covering PE/M&A, but maybe that’ll change.

The good news is that while the choices for PE/M&A may be limited, there are at least two worth recommending.

Best Private Equity Podcast

Private Equity Funcast (iTunes) (website)

by Devin Matthews and Jim Milbery at ParkerGale Capital

Considering there’s nothing more mysterious to the outside world then what actually goes on inside a PE firm, the Private Equity Funcast podcast peels back the glossy image in an entertaining and informative way.

Launched alongside the founding of their firm ParkerGale in 2014, Devin Matthews and Jim Milbery’s (both formerly of Chicago Growth Partners) podcast covers a wide range of topics – from the formation of their firm (including nitty gritty details like their frustrations implementing their tech stack) and how they generate deal flow, to founder interviews and book reviews. It’s unique in that the founding partners are the hosts, the discussions authentic, and perspective is focused on the middle-market (ParkerGale’s sweetspot is middle-market tech), where M&A insight and coverage is weakest.

While not every episode covers private equity/M&A specifically, the show now has 120+ episodes. So regardless of your specific interests, there’s a lot of useful content to sort through if you’re new to the show.

Given the podcast’s popularity and as cut throat as it can be developing name recognition in the middle-market, it’s surprising no other firm has pursued something similar.

“As far as I know, these are the only private equity execs actually doing a podcast about issues. Will be interesting to see how this evolves if they keep up with it. Keep it up guys!”

-DevinM (via iTunes)

Best Dealmaking Podcast

Built to Sell Radio (iTunes)

by John Warrillow

The Built to Sell Radio podcast by John Warrillow (author of the best-selling book Built to Sell) is a weekly show where listeners get to skip straight to the most exciting part of an entrepreneur’s journey, the exit.

There are a number of business podcasts focused on company origin stories, as well as growth, marketing, and hiring strategies, however, if there’s an exit involved, this crucial point in time and the events that lead up to it, is typically skimmed over as an afterthought. Think of this podcast as the opposite.

Each Built to Sell episode features a new entrepreneur where John takes a deep dive into how the exit formulated, negotiation, valuation, and due diligence – as well as the problems and issues along the way.

Considering the show focuses on small to mid-sized businesses from a wide range of industries, there’s always something new to learn. Hopefully John keeps it up.

“Really enjoying the series so far! We seem to hear a lot from entrepreneurs in business press about how they built their business but its rare to get insights like this into how they sold and got the best multiple. Highly recommended.”

-MattCirt via iTunes