Pitchbook Alternative Mergr – The Simple and Easy-to-Use PE/M&A Database

Pitchbook Alternative

Pitchbook is an awesome piece of PE and M&A database software. It offers a comprehensive view into the world of alternative assets and gets better at what it does everyday.

However, not everyone needs the level of granularity that Pitchbook does so well – data of course which you have to pay for.

The purpose of this post is simply to point out that if your PE and M&A data needs include,

1. Researching private equity firms

2. Identifying PE-backed companies

3. Analyzing corporate acquisition histories

4. Building buyer lists

5. Searching M&A advisors (legal or financial – boutique to multinational)

6. Looking up recent deal activity

Then you should consider Mergr.

If your data needs might also include,

7. VC firms and financings

8. Public company financials

9. Integrations with MS Excel for analysis

9. PE/VC fund information

10. LPs

Then yeah, Pitchbook may be the right choice for you or your team.

However, beyond the comparison above, here are some other reasons to consider Mergr as an alternative to or (in many cases for our clients), a supplement to Pitchbook.

  • Mergr is deliberately simple and easy-to-use

While we love providing support to our users, we actually find most clients don’t need our help.

Mergr is designed to get you the data and information relevant to your project without ‘learning’ how the software works. If you understand M&A, you’ll understand our search tools. And if you don’t, you’ll get the hang of it quickly.

In fact, we have many users who we’ve never communicated with. Crazy, right? The bottom line is that if you know what you’re looking for, our product and search tools are designed to help give you that answer quickly.

  • Mergr is self-serve and accessible

I suppose this goes along with our philosophy of being a ‘simple’ and ‘easy-to-use’ piece of software – but rather then forcing users to ‘Request’  a trial or enter a ‘work’ email to schedule a demo or sign-up for a webinar, we’re happy to let new users check us out free for 7-days.

No need to talk to an account executive or gatekeeper to ‘qualify’ you or your interests. With Mergr, you can sign-up with whatever email you prefer and you will be able to view all our data and search tools instantly.

Yes, that’s right – no need to talk to anyone in order to see what we’re able to offer. And if it’s not for you, canceling is easy and just takes a couple of clicks.

  • Transparent monthly pricing with no annual commitment

Mergr costs $150/month/user. And yes, there is no ‘*’ that says this price is actually based on an annual contract. With Mergr you pay monthly, there is no long-term commitment, and you can cancel whenever you like.

Why? We prefer paying our vendors on a month-to-month basis, so why demand an annual contract for our offering. Yes it’s true, some clients sign-up, get what they need and quickly cancel – and that’s ok.

As of 2015, Pitchbook’s pricing started at $16K per year so it’s likely pushing $20K now. But good luck finding pricing info on their website. You’ll actually need to visit Quora for that.

  • A unique data and product experience

All of our data is collected in-house by our own team of analysts.

We do not purchase or license data from 3rd party providers. And this goes for our software and search tools as well. What this means for our clients is a 100% differentiated search and product experience over competing platforms.

The bottom line is that building a list of buyers on Mergr is not the same as building a list on Pitchbook.

  • A hyperfocus on PE groups, corporate acquirers, deals, and M&A advisors

As mentioned above, we do not aggregate or provide data on VCs, funds, LPs, hedge funds, or public company financials. While this level of detail is great and can be interesting – if it’s not relevant to your field or for your project, why pay for it?

What we’ve found is that that most users of financial databases only utilize a small sub-set of info. If your needs do not encompass venture, LPs, funds or public company financials, you really should check us out.

Hopefully this helps as you evaluate PE and M&A databases. Pitchbook is awesome, but there are alternatives – and if you made it this far, check us out – it’s free to get started.