Announcing the Mergr API

Private Equity / M&A API

Today we’re happy to announce the initial release of the Mergr API.

As we’ve steadily built the Mergr database of transactions, investors, companies, and advisors – we’ve also grown aware of the limits that data access via a single web application can have.

Our current and prospective users continually impress us with the creativity of applications and potential benefits of incorporating PE/M&A data directly within their businesses and we hope v1 of the Mergr API offers a solution that unlocks new insights and opportunities.

If you’d like to look-up and incorporate a constant feed of transactions in a business workflow, link to and enrich company records with acquisition or ownership info, or incorporate full investor profiles into an application, the Mergr API can easily assist with these use cases and more.

Commitment to API Product (and Pricing) Simplicity

As part of the new API release (and future ones), we also want to emphasize our belief in simplified data license and usage agreements, as well as straightforward pricing.

Many information providers offer direct access to their data, however the terms are often overly restrictive and complex, and come with pricing that is hard to predict or budget for. We want prospective users to quickly determine whether our API solves a data problem, as well as quickly understand the ‘terms’ involved.

How to Access

API access is available to small and large teams and is part of the Mergr for Enterprise plan. Simply email us at to learn more and view our developer docs. You can also fill out the ‘Contact Us’ form on our pricing or enterprise pages as well.

We look forward to hearing about your project.