Introducing M&A Article Search

M&A announcements (such as this, this or this) are incredibly rich with useful data. The problem however is passively identifying them – or trying to find deals you might be interested in but don’t know about specifically – can often be frustratingly difficult. Googling could work – however with countless repetitive announcements per deal, plus the rest of the internet to deal with – there’s simply too much noise muddying the results to uncover relevant deals efficiently.

Given this, we’ve just released a new Mergr feature focused solely on discovering past and present transactions by keyword searching the contents of their M&A press releases.

To jumpstart this database, we’ve painstakingly extracted the text of 27k unique press announcements and have combined them with real-time search to help users rapidly dig through potential acquisitions of interest.

So, if you’ve been tasked with identifying super niche acquisitions (think press releases with ‘catheter’, ‘adhesive’, ‘embedded computing’ etc.) or looking up announcements containing competitors, advisors, partners, and more – the Mergr M&A Article Search feature may be especially useful and time saving.

In addition to extracting the text, we’ve also broken out the acquirer, target, deal value, and soon to be multiple info (if available).

Key features of M&A Article Search on Mergr
  1. One article per deal (versus as many articles per deal as we can find). Unlike Google, we are not after all articles on a deal, just the primary announcement. So no, we haven’t diluted the database with 20 articles on Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn – we just have this one.
  2. All announcements weighted equally. We feel all transactions are noteworthy, so whether the deal is multimillion, multibillion – or with terms not disclosed, we do not overemphasize deal size when searching. That said, you can sort or filter by deal size (if deal size is available).
  3. 27K announcements at launch. We’ve seeded the database with 10s of thousands of articles to start and will be adding hundreds more every week (both recent and historical). Most of the 27K are from the past 3 years.
  4. Just the original source. We work hard to pinpoint and capture the initial announcement or press release – direct from the acquirer. Like this or this.
  5. Every announcement enhanced with Mergr data. In addition to keyword searching the announcements themselves you can also filter by size, sector, geo, date, deal type, and more. For example, we’ve tagged ‘PE’ vs ‘Corporate’ acquisitions, so if you just want to keyword search ‘PE’ acquisition announcements, you can easily do so.

So how does it work? Just like Google – but with better results.

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This is just the beta release of this feature.

You can instantly check it out by signing up for a 7-day free trial today.

If you’re a former Mergr user and would like to try it – email us, and we’ll be happy to start a new (no obligation) trial as well.