List of Recent Mergers & Acquisitions (Build a List of M&A the Easy Way)

There are two ways to stay on top of M&A.

The free way is to create a list of M&A news sources and pro-actively monitor them for the deals relevant to you or your industry. While this certainly saves money, it doesn’t save time, and as you collect more and more news articles, press releases, and links – unless you’re also pro-actively entering info into a nicely organized database, good luck searching through all your hard work later.

While we’re not free, Mergr is an accessible alternative.

We essentially do all the hard work for you – capturing the mega-sized, well covered deals (think Microsoft-LinkedIn), however we spend an outsized portion of our research efforts identifying the transactions nobody ‘cares’ or talks about, that being the vast majority of deals that happen every day in the lower middle-market.

In this article, I hope to show how easy it is to build a list of recent mergers & acquisitions on Mergr.

List of Recent Mergers & Acquisitions by Sector

To keep things simple, in our example, we’ll first look-up recent M&A by industry.

Step 1, Navigate to the Transaction Search Page

Here’s the default Transaction Search page on Mergr. The most recent transactions appear first.

If you’re just interested in looking up recent transactions – no need to do anything further. By default, the transaction result table lists the most recent transactions first.

However, we’re interested in looking up recent M&A by sector, so let’s add an industry filter.

Step 2, Choose Industry from ‘Sector’ Dropdown

Select an industry from the ‘Sector’ dropdown. There are 60 options to choose from.

There are 60 sectors to choose from and you can select as many as you like. In our example, I’ve selected ‘Business Services’.

Here’s a list of the most recent ‘Business Services’ transactions.

As shown above, staying on top of recent M&A in a given sector is quite simple. You can add location or keyword filters as well. For fast recall later, you can also save your search.

List of Recent Mergers & Acquisitions by Private Equity Firms

However, what if we’re just interested in recent ‘Business Services’ deals by private equity firms. Right now, the list includes M&A from strategics and PE firms, however we can easily add an additional filter to focus just on PE.

Step 4, Expand the Search Menu

Select ‘More Options’ to expand and view all Transaction Search options.

Step 5, Select ‘Private Equity Firm’ Under Buyer Type

Under ‘Buyer Type’, you can add a filter for the type of acquirer. You can add a filter for ‘Seller Type’ as well.

After selecting search, we’re left with a list of recent ‘Business Services’ deals where the investor is a ‘PE Firm’.

The right-column on the transaction result table lists the investor (or Buyer) on the transaction.

Now, what if we’re interested in a list of all the private equity firms involved in the transactions above.

No problem, just navigate to the ‘PE Investors’ tab.

Step 6, Select the ‘PE Investors’ Secondary Tab

Select the ‘PE Investors’ tab to view all the private equity firms involved in your transaction search result set.

There are 1,144 private equity firms involved in our search for ‘Business Services’ transactions. As shown below, some firms have significant activity in this sector.

The Carlyle Group has 33 ‘Business Services’ transactions.

The above is quite simplistic, but if you’re goal is to stay on top of M&A as it happens, Mergr is an accessible tool worth adding to your arsenal.

Click here to try Mergr out for yourself.