Is Performable the tech behind Hubspot?

Dan Lyons Startup Hubspot
Dan Lyon's book Disrupted was released early April, 2016.

If you’ve read Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-up Bubble, journalist Dan Lyons’ recently released account of his time at Cambridge, MA-based Hubspot, it is.

Performable, an 18-person startup that focused on ‘middle of the funnel’ marketing automation software, was Hubspot’s first acquisition. It was acquired in 2011 for a reported $20M.

The acquisition occurred before Dan’s time at Hubspot – and he doesn’t mention Performable by name in his book, however Dan does outline a period of time in Hubspot’s history where its software was so ‘crappy’ that it wasn’t until it acquired another company (and tech team) that its product finally turned around.

Hubspot has made 3 other acquisitions since Performable – including Chime and Prepwork in 2013, and Rekindle last year, a start-up that ‘gathers the most up to date contact information from across all of a person’s contact networks to help make new connections or rekindle old ones’.

However, no analysis of these acquisitions in Dan’s book – which, assuming you’ve read the book, probably means something good.

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